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I placed an order for a Sony Cybershot camera yesterday with . Today I get a call saying that I purchased the japanese version and I'd have to pay $60 more to get the U.S. one. When I hesitated he started getting very rude and told me that If I didn't pay, they'd canel my order, then he hung up.

I've tried calling 4 times and the each time they either intentionaly hung up on me or transfered me to a voicemail box.

I'm a pretty calm person but these A$$holes actually kept me on the line asking rediculous questions and asking to talk to Frank. It seems to be a bunch of kids from NY running some type of scam.

Don't be fooled by their low prices!!!! It's a total scam!

Has anyone else had any experience with them?

shopdigitaldirect is a SCAM!


Review about: Sony Camera.



you need to call your credit card company and tell them exactly what you wrote here.Don't tell them you took the camera with you on vacation.

They'll tell you exactly what to do. save a screen shot of the item you purchased on their website along with the price. give that to your credit card company and they should take care of the rest. Next time don't use your debit card to make online purchases.

They might not be willing to do as much as your credit card company so none of this may help but it's worth a shot.Good luck!


Yes, i agree to everyone here that the company called is total rip off and a *** artist.I just wish i read this review about this company before i purchase from them.

I order a HDR-SR12 camcorder for presidential package it was $949.99 wow sounds like a great deal. The next morning i got a call from a guy name Victor that i order a camcorder online. I said yes, he said it doesn't comes with a charger. I said how much is the charger?

He said there's two kinds the 24hr one it cost $249.99 or a charger that it only takes an hour to charge to your battery which is $349.99. I said oh gosh that is so much. I said nahhh... just cancel my order.

He said it is ready to be ship i laugh because it is Sunday morning which i order my product Saturday afternoon. He said if i cancel it there's a fee i said how much? It's $279.99 i was basically trap. I end getting the product the same company with different person the next day which is HDR-SR10 but still they charge me too high.

There website the presidential package they offered is $749.00 and they charge my debit card for $1,300.00 i am going to call them back as soon i get back from my vacation.

I will never ever buy anything with the company anymore they are total rip off and a bunch of scam artist.Oh one thing also, i been sending them emails about my order before but they will not respond.

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